Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Little bit of everything...

Well after 2 weeks in Newquay I am so glad to be home....there's definitly no place like home! We havent come home £25k richer...just a couple of hundred. Seems the weather wasnt that great had a bit of time to have a play wth some new nail varnishes.
6 weeks ago i had my first try with the CNDworld Shellac nails to help grow my own nails and after 6 weeks i cant believe how long my nails are...after many years being a nail biter i finally have nice nails! Here is the link to read about CNDworld Shellac http://www.cnd.com/Products/Color/shellac-hello.aspx I have also been using the CND world solar oil every evening,just rubbing it into the cuticles. I think it was £2.75 for a 3.7ml which is a travel size which will last me 2 or 3 months maybe more. Highly recommended....

My own nails...very proud!

These are my new nail varnishes.

The 3 MUA varnishes were a £1 each, they do need 2 coats but do last a while with a good top coat. Great shades! (from left to right shade numbers 9,4,21)

I'm loving the 'instant effects' from Barry M I was unsure if id get the same great effect as the O.P.I  range however i am really surprised and at £3.99 a bottle (thats a offer price saving of a £1) its great! I thought i would just try the pink over a few base colours i had at the time to see which one i preferred, i reckon the pink goes quite well with any colour.

Experimenting....was bored.com

I wore the white 'instant effects' over the 'mint green' also from the Barry M range. Loving pastel colours at the minute.

mint green base shade


 I am absolutly loving my toes at the min...base colour is O.P.I planks alot,then the pink crackle instant effects with a top coat of the NYC glitter polish (see last post)...they are so glittery!

One of my recent outfits from a meal out with Leigh down Newquay i wore my navy super skinny jeans from Tesco,black vest top from dorothy perkins and shirt from Select, i bought my clutch bag that day from dorothy perkins in the sale £16 down to £5!,with black wedges (which leigh missed off)...

I also wore my black and silver glitter headband..which i have had for couple of years so cant remember where it was from think it was only a few quid...but LOVE it!

My make-up for the night
I must comment about a couple of things i have mentioned in previous posts that i have tested and absolutly love...one is the Batiste dry shampoo if youve not tried it get it! its fabulous and does wonders for your hair. The pic in this post and previous post from my nights out i have used it both times. I have washed my hair in the morning and roughly 12 hours later used it saved a lot of time instead of me re washing my hair. Secondly the Maybelline gel eyeliner, i have always struggled with liquid eyeliner but this is soooo easy to use and no mess,the brush is angled too which helps!!!

                         With love Tara...xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Newquay,Nails and Nausea...

Hiya!! Hope you are well…as you are aware we are in Newquay for a couple of weeks, 2nd week next week. Not had a great first week, me and Freddie have been really poorly with sickness…and Freddie with teething as well so weve not been anywhere really and the weather is awful…wind and rain!! The only shopping ive been doing is in Morrisons!
My best friend should be joining us in a couple of days so should be out and about more,so will definitely be shopping!
We did have a couple of hours in Newquay yesterday to get Freddie new shoes but hes not a happy bunny at the minute so didnt get very long to shop like i would like but managed to get a couple of things.

Just a few things to share with you I had my nails done at my local salon Studio5 the day before we came down. It’s a new make of nail varnish called Shellac…it is as strong as a gel but goes on and dries like varnish and lasts for 14 days…its fabulous..NO CHIPS NO SMUDGING! I had one of the new 6 shades from the Shellac range called HOTSKI TO TCHOTCHKE-Vibrant Teal.  I chose to have 3 of the nails with the rockstar glitter for some extra sparkle!

During my visit to my local salon they had some of their O.P.I nail varnishes on sale at £5 from £10.50 so I bought this gorgeous light purple colour. The pictures don’t really show how nice the colour is…. it’s from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ range. Called ‘Planks a lot’ it’s a lovely summer colour and goes great with my ‘Laurens way’ tan!

We had a night out Friday night. I wore my wedges from Select (see previous post) Topshop crop jeans, plain white vest top and my favourite jacket from F&F at Tesco, which I got for £12.50! which I mix and match with many outfits.

From my short but sweet trip to Newquay yesterday I got a few make up buys from Superdrug….Couple of nail varnishes, the sparkle in this really stood out to me! It’s an NYC Expert Lash Nail Polish and its called ‘Lights-camera-glitter’ which was £2.49 going to be trying it over the top of other polishes for a bit of sparkle! The other is a dark plum from one of my favourite make-up ranges at the minute ‘MUA Make-up Academy’ shade 22…at only £1! If you’ve not seen the range in Superdrug GO CHECK IT OUT you wont be disappointed!

Staying on the nail theme these were also from Superdrug but from the GOSH range…these are nail glitters, I have recently met a friend who uses nail glitters and she does a fantastic job so will be getting a quick lesson and experimenting. These were £3.99 each for a little pot. I got them in 05 Ruby red and 01 silver.

 I just need more than 10 fingers and 10 toes to experiment! Ha ha ha

I also bought a grey charcoal shimmery eye shadow, also from MUA for a £1.

There is a jewellery/accessories shop I go into regularly down here, which is closing down, which I am absolutely gutted about. They do a fabulous range of jewellery in there and apart from a shop in Doncaster I don’t know anywhere else that sells it…so going to have to get searching on the net as the woman in the shop didn’t seem to no much about it! Anyway I spotted this bracelet a white diamond leather cuff strap on sale for £1.50…couldn’t resist! Love a bit of fashion jewellery…x

Finally I’m going to leave you with a picture of our little boy Freddie….xxx

                                                           With love Tara...xxx