Friday, 30 December 2011

Interview #3

Alivia Jordan

1. how long have you been blogging for?
 Erm....I've been blogging since about may/June now, so about 6 months.

2. how long have you been doing your you tube videos?
 I have been doing the videos since march so 8 months......

3. What is your job or are you at college?
 I am currently working at the shop Next but i qualified as a beauty therapist last year and spent 2 years at college.

4.what would be your dream job?
Id love to just work in the beauty industry.

5. you have your own little business 'Vintage Cave' making jewellery- tell us more.
Yeah that's right I've seen a lot of people doing jewellery businesses but I've always loved jewellery so i thought why not make some myself!

Bracelets from Liv's 'The Vintage Cave'
6. Love life? Ive been going out with my boyfriend 3 years now.

Liv and her boyfriend...awwww xx
7. Where are you from?
I'm from Leeds in West Yorkshire.

8. Best beauty advice? Hmmm, always remember to moisturise! It makes the biggest difference to your skin!

9. Top 5 beauty products?
* Rimmel 25hr foundation
* HD brow kit
* Topshop 'pillow talk' lipstick
* Accessorize blusher
* Natural collection powder

Topshop 'Pillow talk' lipstick 

10. Favourite food?
This one is easy....Cheese!!

11. Favourite alcoholic tipple?
I'm boring i don't drink....its a very long story!

12.Favourite outfit at the min?
I don't really have one! I just always love to wear shorts. I'm really into customising at the minute.

13. Favourite pair of shoes?
I love my UGG boots how sad haha! but my favourite pair are a pair of black heels with crystals all down the heel from 'The Crystal Boutique'

Favourite shoes....OMG,gorgeous Liv! well jel!
14. From the looks of your blog you L.O.V.E blusher whats your top 3 favourite?
OOOOO yes i do!....
* Accesorize blushers i love the shimmer in them
* Topshop cream blush
* Elf mineral blush

15. What do you do in your spare time apart from blogging?
I don't do that much I'm such a lazy person but i am always shopping!

16. Favourite high street shops?
I love Topshop but its too overpriced for me so i prefer to stick to places like Primark and New Look.

17. Favourite hair products at the minute?
I don't really use too many hair products but my all time favourite is TRESemme freeze hold hairspray.

18. What 3 things cant you live without?
* Make up
* Family
* My bed

19. Best place you've ever been too? Definitely America it was amazing! so much nice food and amazing weather.

You can follow Liv on Twitter @Barbielivxx and check her blog out and check out her fabulous you tube videos

With love

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Hiya girlies long time no post......Got a few things to share with you,of course including CHRISTMAS!

Lash FX Lashes

My lashes before

Before & After


I have had semi-permanent lashes done a couple of times and they are absolutly amazing....i would have them all the time if i could afford it. I had them done at my favourite beauty place Studio5 by the lash queen there Sam. They were on special offer at £40 normally £65. They are no hassle what so ever and best of all i dont spend 5-10 minutes in a morning applying mascara!
                                  Candy Cane Nails

Love Love Love my christmas nails.....Shellac-Candy Cane nails done by the Nail queen of Studio5 Roxanne!


We was all very spoilt in our house hold this Christmas i dont know how Santa managed it all! Freddie got bored of opening after 5 presents and he was still opening boxing day tea-time! it is his 2nd birthday on the 23rd he will be doing it all again! I was told by Leigh he was just getting me a Ironing board for Christmas.....yes i know......Ironing board!!! So christmas morning i opened my lovely ironing board...extra wide....with a shelf, snug blanket, and microwaveable slippers.....i was grateful of all 3 dont get me wrong, but an ironing board!!..... perhaps my standards are too high!! I should know by now Leigh doesnt disappoint so when we arrived at my mum and dads for christmas dinner there was my other present!......DeLonghi Coffee machine.....I adore coffee and have made plenty of use of it since got it up on my kitchen work really is the Dog's B*****ks (excuse my french!)

Coffee anyone??

My mum and dad got me a Kindle and the Cape coat (above) with lots of other goodies! I do love being a only child! I had so many lovely presents. i do have such lovely and generous friends and family.

This was my Christmas day outfit....dress from Zara and black ankle heel boots from New Look

Boxing Day family party....jumper dress and cardy from Tesco,leopard print kitten heels from River Island

I have also had a few blonde highlights put back in my hair, felt too dull being dark.....prefer it much better now!

and finally.......we have had some bad news in my family, on the 16th Dec my nanna died of stomach cancer very suddenly...she passed away a week after being told she had 3-6 months to live, what made it very difficult was she didnt want anybody but my grandad to know until after christmas as she didnt want to ruin anybody's christmas,therefore apart from herself and my grandad we didnt know anything about it until after she died. So you could imagine what our christmas as been like...if it wasnt for Freddie it wouldnt of been christmas....we are just waiting for the funeral on the 9th Jan now not a very nice start to 2012.....Cherish your Family you just dont know when they're not going to be there.....

                                                                 With love

Monday, 12 December 2011

Minx and outfit from the weekend.....

Good evening ladies....I'm getting so excited for Christmas!! i break up 1pm on Christmas eve and i cant frickin' wait!!!

I mentioned in my last post about my minx Ive had done by the fabulous Roxanne at Studio5.....which i absolutely L.O.V.E! so here they are.....

I will be having them done again next Monday, the 19th but don't know what to have done to much choice!.....I am also going to be having the LASH FX semi permanent eyelashes done again which I'm just as excited about having done as i am Christmas!!

We had our Christmas works meal at the weekend at my bosses house which was a wonderful night. The family are Italian so you can imagine the food was out of this world! Me and Leigh had a wonderful night and ate for England!! So thank you so much to my second family the Dolcimascolos!!!
The out fit i wore was a long floral dress from River Island, with my jade coloured tights which were from Tesco and my studded ankle boots which were also from River Island.

My Boots......

I used my new eye shadows from Virgin Vie (mentioned in my last post) which went on a dream and lasted all night with no smudges! i also added a bit of glitter for that Christmas sparkle!...P.s PLEASE excuse my eyebrows I'm in the process of thickening the shape of them so they've got to grow....SLUGS come to mind! HAHAHA...

I must show you my treasured Arron wool hand knitted cardigan. We have a lovely family friend who is 86 (i think) and she knitted this when she was 19 and last year she gave it to me!! i could of cried! i adore it! it is so warm!...very heavy,but so comfortable and i get so many comments when i wear it,and with this cold weather about Ive always got it on! i will treasure it forever!

Finally,I have also decided to go back a bit blonder after seeing a picture from earlier this year ...what do you girlie's think???? blond or brunette?????......and yes that is Kate and Wills in the background!....It was my birthday that day,me family were messing about....DON'T ASK! LOL...


                                                                   With love

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Blogger interview #2.....

Today's Q&A'S is with Lauren Blair from the blog

Lauren with her partner Scott...

1. How long have you been blogging for?
I started blogging in the middle of october, so about 7 weeks now! It actually feels alot longer,cant believe its been less than 2 months.

2. Whats your day job?
I'm a qualified Primary teacher, I graduated in 2010 and worked for a year, but I'm only doing supply now so more often than not I'm not working :(

3. Love life? Children?
Ive been with my boyfriend Scott for nearly 7 years now. We got together when we were 15/16, and have been inseparable since. <3

4. Where abouts are you from?
I'm from a town just outside Glasgow.

5. What car do you drive?
A little Fiat 500 called Sophia!

6. Favourite food?
Without doubt, pickled onion Monster Munch. I need to have a pack a day or i get cranky!!

7. Favourite alcoholic tipple?
HaHaHa, most of them! No really, i love Rose wine and mixed fruit cider. Mmmm. <3

8. Favourite hair product at the minute?
It's a toss up between Aussie products (I've just discovered them!!) and Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Spray. It really does what it says on the tin!


9.  Top 5 beauty products at the minute?
*Urban Decay Naked Palette
*Nars Orgasm blusher
*Andrea Fulerton nail varnish in 'Kylie'
*Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid eyeliner in Perversion.
AF varnish 'Kylie'
Nars Orgasm Blush
Urban Decay Naked palette

10. Any beauty advice to share?
Have fun with your make-up, spend time getting to know your products and rediscover your old purchases! Wear what YOU feel confident in.

11. Favourite shops at the minute?
I always love Primark and New Look, but my favourite shops on line right now are-
*Sigma Beauty (
*Claireabella! (

TOWIE girls with their Claireabellas!

12. Favourite outfit at the minute?
I don't really have a fave outfit, but right now I'm loving all the winter wear like big cosy knits and shearling boots.

13. What do you like to do in your spare time apart from blogging?
I volunteer at a local animal shelter. Ive been doing it on and off since i was 14 and it is so worth wile. its definitely one of my favourite things to do. i also love reading,going out for dinner and drinks and just spending time with Scott and my friends.

Lauren (2nd from right) and her friends...x

14. Best place you've ever been too?
California, without a doubt. Scott and i spent 4 months in Orange County in Southern California a few years ago, and it was the best experience of my life. I'd love to live there one day.

Orange County,California....

15.  If you could turn back time to any age,what age would you choose and why?
I'm one of those people who never wants to get old, i hate birthdays and hate the idea of 'growing up' . But id be scared to go back because I've seen too many movies about time travel and changing the future and stuff like that!! i would love to go back to the summer in California though, because although i made the most of it at the time , I would still love to relive it.

16. Ideal day?
Gosh, probably a bit of volunteering in the morning, then lunch and shopping with my friends which turns into cocktails!

Cocktail anyone??

17. Ideal Night?
Getting ready with the girls for hours before going out,blaring the music and making cocktails! Or dinner and cocktails with Scott, then some late night oysters. I'm not really big on 'clubbing'. I seem to be quite big on cocktails though! =p

18. Whats on your list from Santa this year?
I honestly don't need that much. I know I'm getting a Claireabella bag, new straighteners and Sigma brushes, so anything over and beyond that is a bonus!!

Sigma make-up brushes...

19. Whats Skincare products do you use?
I'm not actually very good with skincare-oops! i use Olay moisturiser, Soap & Glory products and Neutrogena Grapefruit cleanser. I should really use a better skincare routine!!

20. Whats your daily make-up routine?
I exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise, and then I use whatever make-up i want to create my look for the day!
Usually its Garnier BB cream, ELF HD powder, Nars Orgasm blush, Ud Naked Palette and 24/7 liquid eyeliner and right now Benefit They're Real Mascara!

21. Top 3 products you cant live without?
*Bastite for blond hair - Its actually my saviour!
*Tangle Teezer brush for my hair extensions.

Thanks for answering the questions Lauren.....

You can follow Lauren on Twitter @ThinkPinkLauren ,check out and follow her blog

                 With love

Monday, 5 December 2011

Afternoon girlies......

Seems like alot of you enjoyed the Q&A'S with the lovely Laura from another one coming soon with Lauren Blair from the blog keep your eyes peeled for that one!

I am really pleased to say all my Christmas shopping is nearly done and all wrapped up! Started wrapping Freddies presents last night,cant wait to see his little face on Christmas morning after Santa as delivered all his prezzies!! He is watching Fireman Sam chilling with a hot chocolate has i type....anyway just a few things to share with you couple of new buys, my new hair and couple of nail mentions.

First things first popped down to Boots to get new moisturiser and thought i would try out the new Garnier 'BB cream' seen a few other girls talk about it.....pretty impressed by it,it was £9.99 and i got it in shade medium. I have been wearing on its own after i have done it 'Laurens Way' of course! I seem to get good coverage to wear it alone. Highly recommend it!

I thought i would stick to the same range and try the daily moisturiser which was £4.99 its ok, it does the job! A few posts back i was using the Nivea 'pure and natural' but really went off that! However the night cream is Fab! I can never settle on a moisturiser apart from Dermalogica's Active moist, it truly is amazing and i never have problems however the price tag doesn't like me especially around Christmas!! So if you know a good moisturiser as good as Active Moist and cheaper PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me about it!

I currently have MINX on my fingernails.....will post photos in next post! Thought i would show you how Ive had them in recent weeks (Apologises for the orange hands they don't look like that,flash on phone!).....Firstly I have had the MUA-shade 4, its a gorgeous red and for only a £1...need i say more!

Secondly....sticking with the MUA range shade 21 on 8 fingers and a finger on each hand with the GOSH nail glitter for a bit of sparkle!

 I have also had them glitter gold which is a varnish from the O.P.I range, very sparkly indeed!.....but forgot to get a pic of the varnish.....

Awful pic...sorry
I had my hair coloured last week to a reddy brown colour however after a week it faded really wishy-washy on my blond so i have had to have a dark brown put on feels strange being back on the dark side,had mixed reviews but i like it so that's all that matters! As you can see i have also had a short fringe put in which i LOVE...inspired by the lovely Louise from Big Brother just wish my hair would grow as long has hers over night....which takes me to my New Years Resolution......grow my hair and get my natural colour back which i we will see!! 
Louise from BB!


Now brown hair...

Brown hair...

Over the weekend i had a Virgin Vie and Partylite party with a few of mine and my mums friends, kicked the men out and had a giggle! I got a couple of make up bits from Virgin Vie and a a Reed diffuser which i will post about when it gets delivered. From Virgin Vie i got a Mascara and a eyeshadow/blusher palette. I haven't used the eye shadows yet but the mascara and blusher are lovely! I already use a lot of the Virgin Vie products (see previous posts) they really are amazing! so light to use and great coverage and reasonably priced however the skincare range i am not overly fussed about! The mascara is a shade black with a primer to use before applying the black i have done a before and after shot below....I am very impressed! Its priced at £13.00 however with it being a small  amount of at each end I'm not sure how long it will last.

Primer side applied...

Mascara applied on top of primer....
The eyeshadow/blusher set is called 'Beauty Secrets Colour Collection' it is beautifully packaged and white! (I'm keeping it in its box to keep clean!) I am not sure on the price...I cant wait to try the 'smokey eye' look with the 4 shades....perfect shades for that effect!

I must mention my favourite hand moisturiser, my hands get soooo dry in the winter and this Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' available in a couple of sizes works a treat!

If you've been following my blog you will know i have been doing Weight Watchers and I'm into my 4th week and lost 7 1/2 pound! cant believe I've lost half a stone. So pleased!! Lastly i am going to leave you with a picture of our lovely Christmas tree.......'It's beginning to look alot like Christmas........'

                                                     With love