Friday, 6 April 2012

Q&A's with.......Hollie Wakeham

Hollie Wakeham.....
1. Where are you from?

2. Do you have children?

3. Love life?
Yes i have found my prince charming!

4. Favourite food?
Fish,Ben & Jerrie's ice-cream my face flavour is chunky monkey and i have cucumber love.

5. Favourite drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic?
Gin and Tonic and i love Elderflower hahaha very posh!

6. Favourite place in the world you've been too?
Thailand, to a remote part where there were no tourists it was so beautiful, we had a private beach. The people   were the most friendlyiest people i have ever met and always smiled I loved them. The food was so delish I could of stay forever even the thunder storms were so electric and beautiful just what dreams are made of.
On holiday in Thailand so beautiful and un-touched  I could of stayed for ever
7. You worked in Gran Canaria, what forced you back home to the UK?
I lived in Gran Canaria for 6 years i chose to move back to the UK to pursue my dreams of owning my own business and persuing my dreams and it felt it was time for another adventure hahaha.
Me and my second family love them hunnis like my sisters in Gran Canaria and look i have blonde hair  hahaha
8. Favourite restaurent?
Gilgamesh in Camden London best sushi.

9. Your from you see many of the TOWIE crew?
Yes a few times when i have been to Sugar Hut I met a few they were great girls, me and Amy were wearing the same dress bit embarasing that lol.

10. Your stranded on a desert island your allowed 3 things what would you take?
My camera/video I love taking pictures like taking snip its of memories to store forever.
Ice-cream so i don't get hungry and it will keep me cool.
My MP3 player I love music and when i get boarded i can dance hahaha

11. First Job?
I was a Saturday girl in a hair dressers called Headlines.

12. Currently  working at?
Self employed running my own business beauty room and free lance hair,nails and beauty and make up artist around Essex and London.
Is my beauty room in Colchester Essex 
13. What qualifications do you have?
NVQS in Hairdressing
NVQS in Beauty
3 diplomas in hair dressing.
Diploma in facial electrics and diploma in body electrics.
Diploma in make-up artistry.
Diploma in facials
Qualified in CND nail enhancements.

14. Favourtie part about your job?
making women look and feel beautiful i love the confidence they have after i have finished pampuring them best feeling in the world.
I love my clients this is Tracey getting her ready for her wedding.
15. Hobbies away from work?
hahahaha work work work, i work out alot i am currently traiing for a half marathon and i will be doing the 10 para challenge in october where i will be running 10 miles with 3 stone on my back through the terrain haha i know your probably thinking Essex girl? I still have my nails done and some waterproof mascara on though I will be doing it for charity, one close to my heart Samaritans.

16. How long have you been blogging for?
Not long at all only since November 2011 but amazingly its really took off the response i have had from people has been so kind.

17. How long have you been doing your You Tube videos for?
I uploaded my first video on october 20th 2011 and have over 48,400 hits on my channel its quite amazing im just so glad i can help women look and feel beautiful by sharing my knowledge. its a bit like having 48,400 clients lol.

18. How long have you had your beauty room?
Only a few months.

19. Wheres the best place your work as taken you?
Living in Gran Canaria where i was the manager of a hair,nails and beauty salon for 6 years was amazing.

20. You recently worked at London Fashion Week. How was it?
Amazing, inspiring and exciting. I worked with Marian Newman who is a true ledge in the nail industry and she really inspired me to create nails thinking more outside the box. I worked on the Vivienne Westwood and David Koma shows and Fred Butlers presentation.
London Fashion week i got to watch the David Koma show.
21. Any style advice for the girls?
Wear what you want to wear we are all style icons!

22. Whats your favourite make-up look at the minute?
Natural believe it or not I am loving the dewy fresh faced look a power brow and some nude lipglss with maybe a natural false lash hahaha i cant seem to leave the lashes must be an Essex girl thing lol.

23. Best beauty advice?
The devils in the detail!

24.Top beauty products at the minute?
Philosophy miracle.
Derma new microdermabrasion

25. Top 5 cosmetic products at the minute?
Make-up forever HD foundation
Urban Decay 24/7 eye-liners (perversions so black its amaze)
L,oreal Double extension mascara
Laura Mercier concealer
Ben NYE banana powder

26. Favourite fake tan?
Fake Bake the godd of all tans sometimes i stray to new brands on the block but i always go back to my man Mr Fake Bake.

27. Skincare routine & products?
Dermalogica is my all time fave it really treats your indervidual needs. I love microdermabrasion love love love Body Shop vitamin E chap stick.

28. If you were only allowed to wear one product of make-up what would it be and why?
Defo my eyebrow kit I have really sparse brows. Brows are so important to our face it gives our face structure and frames our eyes.

29. Nail polish your wearing at the minute?
I am a power polish lover CND Shellac lasts 14 days plus it goes on like a polish but doesnt chip,smudge and there is no drying time OMG im obsessed. You can only get it done at the salon but its so worth a trip to get it done I use it on all my clients they LOVE it.

30. Your a fan of Minx and Shellac just like me, any pics you can share of your own or you have done on other people?
this is me at London fashion week I applied Marian Newmans pre made sushi tips by Minx at Fred Butlers presentation.
2.21.2012 David Koma Minx nail stylists Laura Streeter, Hollie Wakeham, and Sam Yates photo by Becky Maynes
Me at London Fashion week making up Minx nail tip for Marian Newman at the David Koma show.
2.20.2012 Fred Butler models with Minx nail stylist Hollie Wakeham in center photo by Mark Molloy

Me applying Minx by Marian Newman at the Vivienne Westwood show at London Fashion week.
2.19.2012 Minx nail styilst Hollie Wakefield at Vivienne Westwood photo by Becky Maynes

31. How long have you been hairdressing for?
hahaha too long i started as a saturday girl at 14 years old and then i went on as an apprentice when i was 16 years old so over 11 years ago.

32. How are you wearing your hair mostly at the minute?
In the day i love the mermaid waves i have naturally fizzy hair so i have a Brazilian Blow dry which tames the frizz to a mermaids wave very natural. i just run lots of serum through it and im good to go. if   im on a night out i have been loving my BIG bun by Velcro Sleep Rollers Velcro Sleep Rollers  it is so classy and goes with every look and it takes minutes to do so getting ready is so effortless and fast, plus it lengthens you making you appear taller and slimmer.
In my sleep rollers!

My naked face haha

33. What hair products do you use? I love Kereastase shampoos and treatments and im a L'oreal Pro fan. I am also a L'oreal colour technician. I have a new found love at the moment OMG its amazing they are a company called Milkshake its so sexy and it contains milk proteins to repair your hair, i just love it. I have done a video on it on my You Tube channel I loved it that much.

34. Favourite styling products?
I love TIGI they really have nailed to styling products and they smell gorgous too. i love Maxxed Out hairspray its so strong and I love the S serum. There are so many i love.

35. If you could style a celebs hair who would it be?
Oh wow I love to help women that need help so if i said it would be mean lol. I love Lady GaGa and Rihanna my teen girl crush was Carmen Electra she is so confident its beautiful,to work with them would be a dream.

36. You use products from the SleepRollers in your You Tube videos whats your favourite look?
I have so many fave looks it really depends how I'm feeling you defo cant go wrong with a bit of volume and bouncy and the sleep rollers are so amazing for creating that look and so comfy I love them so glam, big hair definitly makes you feel sexy!
Love this shot of me modelling my hair hahaha as long as your hair is nice it doesn't matter what your
wearing....literally you can be naked! lol!

37. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from fashion,clothes,shoes and jewellrey especially with nails, as nails are fastly becoming an extension of our accessories. I listen to music all the time and get a lot of inspiration from that as well as having quite an imaginative mind alot of the time ideas just pop into my head haha.

38. Any upcoming shoots,news you can tell us about?
I am doing Essex Fashion week this Sunday 8th April. I am doing all the nails for the models on the catwalk. I am using Minx, Shellac and CND polish. I am premaking all the tips which i will apply on the day. I have custom made in true Essex style diamante bling designs. My Spring/Summer nail collection was inspired by Essex glam fashion and of course V'jazzle lol!
me on a shoot for Palace Clothing London i was the hair and make up artist.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes i am dyslexic and it takes so long for me to type and sometimes even the spell check don't even know what i have typed hahaha I have always been more of a gluing and sticking kinda gal lol!


Thank you so much for your time Hollie your fabulous! Keep up the fantastic work you do!

To contact Hollie or watch her fab You Tube videos the links are below....
Email hollie@pampurlounge

                                                               With love

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Night out to celebrate 5 years with Leigh.....

Me & Leigh.....xxxxx

Myself and Leigh have reached 5 years together on Fri 30th March we went out last night for a Chinese last night to celebrate. I cant believe Ive been with him 5 years i can still remember when i first met him at my previous hair salon i worked at and he went to the fishing tackle shop next door. We've been through some great times together holidays,days out, moving in together and best of all becoming a mummy and daddy to our wonderful Freddie that's just a few! we've had tough times too which I'm sure any parents can relate too as becoming parents is life changing but we've stayed strong and sorted things out......I look forward to many more years together...Here's to the next 5!

This was my outfit i wore last night........basic white vest top with my high waisted trousers from Topshop with some brown wedgey heels. I also wore a white cream blazer but forgot to get a pic! Silly me!

I kept my make-up simple gold eye shadow Benefit black eyeliner pencil, my fave mixture of bronzer and pink blush for my cheeks and my base was the Garnier BB cream with powder over the top finished off with some of my Soap and Glory 'Sexy Mother Pucker'

                                                             With love

A few things to share.......

Firstly i went to my local Superdrug to stock up on some of the MUA goodies! I'm currently using most of their cosmetics on my daily make-up routine! Great price and FABULOUS products!

We had a close family friend turn 100 years old on the 22nd March. it was a lovely day for her and after many years of hearing Lizzie say 'this will be my last christmas' and i wont make next year' she finally made 100. i did her hair for her in the morning just in time for when her telegram from the Queen arrived! She was over the moon and even had a surprise party at tea time in her care home. It was a long day for her but so special none of us will forget it!

Yesterday i finally went back to my roots!....I am naturally dark haired and most of my life that's how I've kept it up until the beginning of last year when i went really blonde....then dark with blonde highlights....then red.....then back to dark with highlights.....and finally back to dark which I LOVE and i think suits me alot better! much happier being brunette again...x

too blonde!!!

Back to Brunette...x
If your new to reading my blog or on Twitter Ive been following Weight Watchers since the first week in Nov 2011 and have lost a massive 17 and 1/2 lb!!! I am now 3 and 1/2 lb off my target weight and i just cant wait to reach that goal! i really cant tell you how amazing i feel. I have never been this weight in my adult life and after having Freddie i never thought i would lose my baby weight ( i put 4 stone on) I go to a lovely meeting and my leader is called Louise she's been a massive inspiration to me and i really cant thank her enough....I am hoping to become a Weight Watchers leader when i get to my target would be great to help other people lose weight and feel good about themselves so I've got my fingers crossed!

With love

Outfit,Hair & Make-up...

Me and Leigh went to a 40th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time we had been out in a while! (been too long!)  Was lovely to go out with close friends whilst Freddie stayed at Nana and Grandads!

MY HAIR.......i am currently growing my hair and even thought it is still short its grown so much. I wanted to go for a different look that night so went for curls....50's style curls but with it being rather short i had to put what ever hair i could manage to get in a roller! I got it set that morning and left it in all day. With my hair being so short on the left hand side i couldn't get rollers in so with it still being wet i sprayed on hairspray and sleeked it back and held with a pin curl clip to keep it flat. Roll forward 9 and half hours...took the rollers out and gently pulled through with serum and lots of spray!! I loved this look was something different from the straight look!
fake tanned that morning too!

MY MAKE-UP.......For my make-up i went for gold/browns/creams on the eyes with my Lauren's Way Lashes which i used for the first time having had them a few months! To be honest i wasn't overly fussed about them i thought they was OK nothing special....(just my opinion) you didn't get any glue included so was a quick trip round to my Mum's! You can always rely on your mum! I used a bronzer and light pink blusher on my cheeks. For my lips i used the MUA in shade 13.

MY OUTFIT........I wore a black and red polka dot dress from F&F at Tesco. It was £25 down to £7! The joys of having my mum work on clothing at Tesco its very handy as you could imagine! ha! I teamed the dress with my trusty black patent heels.

                                                          With love