Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Unexpected midweek post...

Its my last day off this week as im at work for the rest of the week and we are off to Newquay sunday for 2 weeks (fingers crossed for nice weather!) Fishing and holiday of some sort..and no I'm not the fisherman, Leigh is. He will be fishing for £25k the 2nd week so if he wins you will all know about it!

Anyway i popped up town for a few bits and bobs this morning and thought I'd show you my buys. I popped into superdrug to get the MUA pallette eyeshadows as recommended by the fabulous Laura, my new twitter friend @MissLSutcliffe http://passionaboutfashion.blogspot.com/ . I also picked up a few other bits in there too as well as....wait for it.....christmas bits! i know i know i know , it is early but i like to be organised!

I also made a unexpected visit to Select...not a place that i have ever bought anything before as i thought its a bit cheap and chavvy!,but as i seen the mustard tops/shirts (very on trend at the min!),floral coloured shirts and the straight cut trousers as i walked past...i had to go and have a look and my god i was shocked they had really gone up in the world...would recommend anyone to go and have a look! I came out with Bargains galore...they had a sale on too,buy one get one half price!

First of all my trip to Superdrug....

I thought i would be a bit daring and get a red lipstick. I am normally a gloss girl and infact I dont own another lipstick! Thought to myself i need to experiment a bit more and be less boring! I picked the red (number 12) from the new Kate Moss  range from Rimmel it was £5.49 but looking at it i could probably go a bit brighter and richer...so if you can recommend one for me would be muchly appreciated as I am a lipstick virgin!

I got Eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner 24h-shade 01 intense black, to create some dramatic eyes! you get a little pot and brush to create a fine or thick line. This was £5.99 with a saving of £2.... pics to follow soon with my experimenting! I've never used a gel liner before so we will see....

 I will let you know how i get on!

This is what i originally went in for recommended by Laura. MUA eyeshadow palette 'Heaven and Earth' It's a mixture of browns,beiges,caramels,creams etc which was £4.For what it is £4 is a great price! I will get much use out of this!

My smallest and favourite buy is the fine glitter dust eyeshadow number 24 by Barry M.....the pictures are really bad and doesn't do it justice but its so sparkly and glittery. Can't wait to wear it! it was £4.59 but will last for years...the shades in the collection was amazing i could of spent a fortune! BARRY M ROCKS!

I picked this up on the way out it's new out Batiste dry shampoo with a hint of colour for medium to brunette hair. They had all basic shades-Red,Blonde,Dark etc. It was half price at £1.49. They also had, in the same range, all different smells there must of been about 20. will get back to you when I,ve tried it.....

Now onto my clothing buys.......

£12...will look fab with my super skinny jeans and wedges..x

These next few bits was in the sale....and the sale garments are buy one get one half price....

This little cardigan was £16....down to £6

This is a beige/black polka dot silky pleated skirt...this was £12...down to £6...then because it was my second garment i got it for £3!!!


Now these fabulous babies...was £22...down to £11...you cant tell in the picture but the colours are so bright and girly!

So i got the same skirt but navy/white polka dots...was £12...£6, then £3


Not bad for an hour and half shopping...Hope your having a lovely evening and had a fab weekend.

With Love Tara xxx

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