Sunday, 6 November 2011

Glam Tan,Daily Make-up and a little more....

Hiya bloggers and my Tweetie pies how are you all? I have had a manic past couple of weeks,been really busy at work,home and with Freddie, the usual really and I have been really poorly too which makes everything ten times worse,feeling a million times better now. I've also spent alot of my time on the phone to the 'lovely' people at Talk Talk......we've not had internet for couple of weeks and my god i am lost without it! not even being able to connect with wi-fi to my phone has been a killer....but after a week and half of sorting it out we are FINALLY back up and running! woohoo!

Not got a great deal to share with you all  because of how busy I have been but got a few bits to talk about.

Firstly.....Laurens Way. I bought the Laurens Way deal mousse and lotion in summer when it first came out and fell in love straight away....bye-bye St tropez.....It is the BEST tan around at the mintue, i purchased the 'Glam tan' a couple of weeks ago and finally applied it last week. The colour is so dark alot darker than the mousse and lotion. It comes in a spray bottle, which at first i was a bit wary because ive always used latex gloves with product so i can get my hands in and rub it in and around. I purchased it from my local salon Studio5. I got the Glam tan for £18.95 with a FREE mitt and......a FREE Laurens way spray tan at the salon! This is a FANTASTIC offer not one to be missed from there, If you by 2 Laurens Way products you get a FREE spray tan! They are fabulous girls there so lovely and friendly! :-D
The product was really easy to apply it sprayed on perfect and was easy to blend with the mitt. Only advice i would give when applying is to put an old towel underneath you for when you do your legs! I exfoliated before in the shower before hand and put a light layer on then had a shower in the morning and applied another layer to wear through the day which may sound alot but lasts a lot longer with it having more time to develop and hardly anything washes off! (Great tip from Roxanne at Studio5!)

I also got the NEW Laurens Way lashes on Friday for £5.95! I haven't used them yet but they look so long can't wait to try them out.....the only downside i have already with them is they dont have any glue with them so if you get your hands on some...get some good eyelash glue too!

I had to show you this girls hair i did last week....I ADORE the colour. She came in with a similar colour to mine and wanted a change, I used a couple of the Fudge colours mixed together (Forgot which 2...sorry!) Loved the result looks so rich and natural this colour is very popular at the min goes well with the Autumn/Winter season i think.

Seems I havent been out shopping and spending alot thought i would share with you my daily make-up routine that i wear for work and out and about.....

Starting with skincare i cleanse,tone and moisturise......
*I cleanse with Dermalogica Special cleansing gel, Toner is Dermalogica Multi active toner and Dermalogica moisturiser Active moist but i vary the moisturiser with Nivea Daily defence. I also apply Dermalogica Multivitamen Power firm (LOVE THIS!) under the eye area and around the top lip area. I like to give it 5-10 mins to soak in.

*I use the Virgin Vie face primer, gives you a great smooth base to apply make up onto.

*I usually love a cream foundation and for the last 3-4 years i have always used Max Factor however that appeared to have grown legs and disappeared.!! So at the minute I'm using Virgin Vie One step base it goes on like a cream foundation but applys like a powder and it doesn't feel too heavy or clogged up on the skin either. I use 'Benefit' Boi-ing concealer 02 under the eyes,blemishes and any spots i need to keep hidden away!

*I use a little bit of eyebrow pencil...Forgot to get a pic but there is one of the one i use in a previous post. Its the MUA eyebrow pencil with a brush at the end. to blend it through. I love to use 'High Brow' also by Benefit under the arch of my eyebrow....also no pic because its about an inch long now, and i've had it at least 6 years! Great cosmetic product! a must have! The mascara I use is L'oreal Million volume lashes. I am quite lucky i have long-ish lashes so i dont need to use a lot but it does the job!

*I use a combination of blushers (depending how i feel which one i have more of on) of St-Tropez rocks and a Virgin-Vie blusher which as a pink,bronze and highlighting colour in one.

I love the fact that with some of the Virgin-Vie products when you've ran out you can buy refills of the product which are cheaper than buying brand new.I will be having a Virgin-Vie party next month as a friend of mine is a consultant for them so great excuse to get all the girlies together i think!!

When it comes to taking it off (which i do love,as much as i love putting it on! HA!) i use my cleanser,toner and a Nivea night moisturiser.

If you've been following me on twitter you will know i went to my first Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday I am hoping to lose about a stone so fingers crossed for me! It would be nice to actually open my wardrobe without looking at my clothes and saying thats a little tight,i will get in that one day etc.....I'm sure i'm not on my own in thinking like that! So wish me luck!

Anyway tweeters and bloggers hope you are all ok and have a lovely evening (watching the X Factor im sure!) I'm off to bath Freddie now and then do the ironing!

                                                                With love


TheOtherSideofCool said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you werent well but glad you're feeling better now :) I really don't like Lauren but I've heard nothing but amazing praise for her fake tan so I may have to just give it a go- if its that good I suppose I don't mind who's pocket the money goes to!

Also your hair is absolutely gorgeous, I love the short cut, suits you perfectly! xx

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Bonnie said...

You have gorgeous hair, girl! And I love the makeup.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Tara Jones said...

Thanks for the comments girlies....I've had a full fringe put in yesterday so looks bit different now there's a pic on my twitter timeline....thanks again really appreciate it....xxxx

Kingyy said...

Hiya Tara Its natelle your Cuz lol Add me on facebook please
Natelle Jade Slater x

Tara Jones said...

Hiya, so sorry if this sounds rude...I don't have a cousin called natalie? What's your mums name?? I haven't got facebook. Are you on twitter? Xx