Monday, 16 January 2012

New Years Eve,Nails and Outfits....

Good morning ladies.....Hope you've had a lovely usual i was hoping to blog just after New Year but as usual not enough hours in the day!....

New Years eve seems like months ago now and as for Christmas feels like years ago!....We had a lovely family get together at my mum and dads and i managed to stay up till 2:30am...which is VERY late for me. i kept saying to Leigh i wouldn't make it past midnight so 2:30 was good for me...however i was the first to bed HA!

I wore a one shoulder blue dress...which i wore with jeans as i think its too short for me to wear as a dress, i got this dress off E-bay for £5.....i had a dream one night that i was wearing a dress like this so i was searching on the Internet the following day and found this! strange story i know! i teamed it with my F&F light grey jeans and my trustee blank ankle boots from New Look. I did my hair BIG....plenty of back comb!! i wore my pink flowered headband too.
My make up was MUA eyeshadow silver and glitter from the Barry M Pots!
My jewellery was a bit mismatched with the outfit i wore my BIG pink earrings which i got about 6-7 years ago from Mikey (I'm not even sure there still about!) my ring was a bright yellow flower and my bracelet was a diamante,blingy,white cuff which i got for £1!

2:30am....onsie on,cleansed toned and moisturised....ready for
 Ive had my nails a few different colours in the last couple of weeks.....

All the family went out for my cousins 21st in the week and i wore my dark jeggings, my new top from Republic from my best friend for Christmas and my bargain wedges from Select! (check earlier posts)

I wore it with my pearl necklace and chunky silver charm bracelet...
 I'm still on the Weight Watchers too...I have now reached my 5% target!....lost 10lb in 9 week so I'm pretty happy about it looking back at photos i cant believe how much weight Ive lost,my face is the slimmest i think its ever looked! Hope those that are on diets and healthy eating plans for the new year....are sort of still sticking to them!

I know its extremely late....but i wish you all a happy and healthy 2012!

With love

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