Sunday, 1 April 2012

A few things to share.......

Firstly i went to my local Superdrug to stock up on some of the MUA goodies! I'm currently using most of their cosmetics on my daily make-up routine! Great price and FABULOUS products!

We had a close family friend turn 100 years old on the 22nd March. it was a lovely day for her and after many years of hearing Lizzie say 'this will be my last christmas' and i wont make next year' she finally made 100. i did her hair for her in the morning just in time for when her telegram from the Queen arrived! She was over the moon and even had a surprise party at tea time in her care home. It was a long day for her but so special none of us will forget it!

Yesterday i finally went back to my roots!....I am naturally dark haired and most of my life that's how I've kept it up until the beginning of last year when i went really blonde....then dark with blonde highlights....then red.....then back to dark with highlights.....and finally back to dark which I LOVE and i think suits me alot better! much happier being brunette again...x

too blonde!!!

Back to Brunette...x
If your new to reading my blog or on Twitter Ive been following Weight Watchers since the first week in Nov 2011 and have lost a massive 17 and 1/2 lb!!! I am now 3 and 1/2 lb off my target weight and i just cant wait to reach that goal! i really cant tell you how amazing i feel. I have never been this weight in my adult life and after having Freddie i never thought i would lose my baby weight ( i put 4 stone on) I go to a lovely meeting and my leader is called Louise she's been a massive inspiration to me and i really cant thank her enough....I am hoping to become a Weight Watchers leader when i get to my target would be great to help other people lose weight and feel good about themselves so I've got my fingers crossed!

With love

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