Sunday, 1 April 2012

Outfit,Hair & Make-up...

Me and Leigh went to a 40th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time we had been out in a while! (been too long!)  Was lovely to go out with close friends whilst Freddie stayed at Nana and Grandads!

MY HAIR.......i am currently growing my hair and even thought it is still short its grown so much. I wanted to go for a different look that night so went for curls....50's style curls but with it being rather short i had to put what ever hair i could manage to get in a roller! I got it set that morning and left it in all day. With my hair being so short on the left hand side i couldn't get rollers in so with it still being wet i sprayed on hairspray and sleeked it back and held with a pin curl clip to keep it flat. Roll forward 9 and half hours...took the rollers out and gently pulled through with serum and lots of spray!! I loved this look was something different from the straight look!
fake tanned that morning too!

MY MAKE-UP.......For my make-up i went for gold/browns/creams on the eyes with my Lauren's Way Lashes which i used for the first time having had them a few months! To be honest i wasn't overly fussed about them i thought they was OK nothing special....(just my opinion) you didn't get any glue included so was a quick trip round to my Mum's! You can always rely on your mum! I used a bronzer and light pink blusher on my cheeks. For my lips i used the MUA in shade 13.

MY OUTFIT........I wore a black and red polka dot dress from F&F at Tesco. It was £25 down to £7! The joys of having my mum work on clothing at Tesco its very handy as you could imagine! ha! I teamed the dress with my trusty black patent heels.

                                                          With love

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